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Difference between Twisting and Extension Garage Door Springs

Sectional overhead sectional doors represent almost all garage doors in all over the America. To enable their operation, they are equipped with a counter-balancing system. The counterweight is provided by a spring system of the type “torsion” or type “extension”. Both systems are made of galvanized steel and are made in the shape of a coil.


  • This spring system is placed above the head of the door and is slid into a tube to which the hoisting ropes are connected.
  • In the event of breakage of the spring, it will remain stuck in this tube instead of falling on the ground.
  • The entire weight of the door is transferred to the support plate located in the center of the door, hence the importance of properly fixing this room inside the garage.
  • Highly recommended for double doors (eg 4.9 m / 16 ft wide).
  • The clearance required above the door for standard movement is 30 cm (12 in).
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  • This spring system is installed above the horizontal rails. So there are two springs that serve as a counterweight.
  • Each spring works independently, even if they are calibrated for the same door weight.
  • For this particular reason, it is not recommended to use this type of spring for a double garage door operated manually.
  • It is strongly recommended to install safety cables in case of breakage of one of the two springs. These cables are independent of the hoisting ropes, and in the event of an accident, the safety cable will retain the spring instead of striking a wall.
  • The clearance space required above the door for standard movement is 20 cm (8 ½ in.).


If you have the required clearance space at all times, ask for torsion type springs. This system is a little more expensive, but it is much more efficient in the long run. Your garage door system will be safer for you and your family members.
For either system, be aware that you can choose fully galvanized springs. It is recommended to use them in places where the humidity is very high, for example, if you regularly wash your vehicle inside the garage.

For both systems, it is sufficient to use a can lubricant specifically designed for this type of maintenance. Available from garage door specialists, use it every time you do your annual inspection to extend the life of your springs. If you do not have the proper lubricant, you can use some motor oil (10W30).

In Case of Breakage

In case of breakage, do not try to repair yourself. It’s about your safety. Remember that the entire weight of the door is transferred to the system that serves as a counterweight (hinge of the bottom of the door + hoisting ropes + spring system).
Contact a technician and garage door specialist if you need clarification on the explanations provided in this blog. You can also send him a quote request online. If you are planning to change your garage door soon, you can create your dream garage door using the Garage Design Center.

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