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Difference between Tornado and Hurricane

Difference between Tornado and Hurricane

Tornado vs. Hurricane

Difference between Tornado and Hurricane: – Among the most common and dangerous natural phenomena are tornadoes and hurricanes. The latter are quite prevalent in the tropics and over the years have caused many losses, both material and human.

Although hurricanes and tornadoes may seem a little to the naked eye, the truth is that they are very different and then we explain why. Below this post is all about the difference between Tornado and Hurricane. Below this post is all about the difference between Tornado and hurricanes.

Difference between Tornado and Hurricane

Hurricanes are tropical phenomena that are characterized by their closed circular form in movement. The low pressure zone in the center of them is known as ‘the eye of the hurricane’ and the strong winds surrounding that eye makeup what is known as ‘the wall of the hurricane’.

Other distinguishing features of hurricanes are thunderstorms, very strong winds and torrential rains. To form they need warm temperatures, so never be formed in cold areas and are common in tropical areas.

Generally hurricanes form where the water is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 degrees Celsius). They are formed by low pressure systems, where hot air rises and cold air descends below. They start like a wave, then they become storms and eventually they become hurricanes.

In the southern hemisphere they move clockwise, whereas in the northern hemisphere the opposite happens. When formed, hurricanes can last for several days depending on the conditions. The average wind speed is 74 mph to over 155 mph. In the end they usually dissipate when they come into contact with the earth.

On the other hand, tornadoes generally form on land, not on water as in the case of hurricanes. They are violent columns of air that come in contact with the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud. Usually, tornadoes touch the ground surrounded by a cloud of dust.

Depending on the size of tornadoes, their winds can range from 40 mph to 360 mph. Some become so strong that they even start homes and destroy other properties. There are three different types of tornadoes: whirlwinds that form on land, marine horns that form in water, and multiple vortices.

Tornadoes usually last for minutes, but in some cases, they have lasted for hours and are usually formed on any continent, except Antarctica.

Key differences between Tornado and Hurricane

  • Hurricanes always form in water, while tornadoes can form both on land and in water.
  • Hurricanes can last for days, but tornadoes remain maximum for hours.
  • The speed of the hurricane watch is between 74 and 155 mph, while in the case of tornadoes it goes from 40 to 360 mph.

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