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Difference between TO and CC

Difference between TO and CC

When it comes to writing, there are two terms that are often confused: TO and CC. TO stands for “to” and CC stands for “carbon copy.” CC is when you send a copy of an email to someone other than the original recipient, while TO is simply sending the email to one recipient. In most cases, using CC is unnecessary, so be sure to use it sparingly!

What is TO?

TO is the abbreviated form of “Attention,” and is used at the beginning of an email to indicate who the email is intended for. TO can also be used to list the recipients of a carbon copy (CC) or blind carbon copy (BCC) email. When listing multiple recipients in the TO field, each email address should be separated by a comma. For example: TO: [email protected], [email protected]. TO is also used in email subject lines, in order to indicate the topic of the email. For example: TO: Discussion on the Proposed Office Move. In this case, TO is followed by a colon and then the subject matter of the email.

What is CC?

CC stands for “carbon copy”. When you CC someone in an email, you are sending them a copy of the email for their information. CCing is useful when you want to let someone know about an email conversation but don’t necessarily expect them to reply. For example, you might CC your boss on an email thread to keep them updated on a project, or CC a colleague on an email exchange with a client. CCing can also be used as a courtesy; if you are about to send an email that might be of interest to someone, CCing them allows them to read it without having to request a copy. In general, it is considered good practice to CC relevant parties on any email that could have an impact on their work. This ensures that everyone is kept in the loop and can weigh in if necessary.

Difference between TO and CC

TO and CC are both used when sending an email. TO is used when you are sending the email to the primary recipient, while CC is used when you are sending a copy of the email to someone else. TO is required, while CC is optional. TO appears before CC in the email header. The order of TO and CC can be changed by clicking the TO or CC button. TO and CC can also be used when sending a meeting request. TO is used for the person(s) who are required to attend the meeting, while CC is used for the person(s) who are not required to attend but should receive a copy of the meeting request.


In order to create a more effective email, it is important to understand the difference between TO and CC. When you are sending an email to a group of people, always use the TO field and not the CC field. The CC field should only be used for individuals who need to be copied on the email for information purposes only. By using the TO field, you are ensuring that everyone in the group will receive your message. If someone is not included in the TO field, they will not receive your message no matter how many times they check their inbox.

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