Difference between Theist and Atheist | Theist vs. Atheist

Theist vs. Atheist

Difference between Theist and Atheist :- Whether we are believers or not, the truth is that we cannot deny the importance of religion (for better or for worse) in the lives of today’s human beings, and even more, those of previous times.

In addition to religion there are beliefs and these are very personal and diverse. Not all believers are religious and there are some cases where there are religious who are not believers or theists, but atheists. Surely you already have a clue as to what the concepts “theist” and “atheist” mean, plus the difference between theist and atheist; but if you still have any doubts, continue reading so you can clarify it.

Difference between Theist and Atheist

The word theistic comes from the Greek root “theos” which means “god.” Theists believe in the existence of a god whom they consider to be the supreme or sovereign being of the universe and whom they consider to be the creator of everything.

The definition and form attributed to God varies from religion to religion and from one person to another; however, it is generally agreed that God is the only one who has supreme power over any other. When people believe in several gods instead of only one, then they are called polytheists.

The person who does not believe in the existence of any god or spiritual being is called an atheist or atheist. In this case, to the word “theos” is added the Greek prefix “a” which means “sin”; for which, the word atheist or atheist means “without God”. Atheists consider that the human being is able to live well without any god who dictates rules to control the behavior of each individual.