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Difference between Teaser and Trailer | Teaser vs. Trailer

Difference between Teaser and Trailer | Teaser vs. Trailer

Teaser vs. Trailer

Difference between Teaser and Trailer: – It’s Friday night and you decide you want to go see a movie, but which movies are on the billboard? You are looking for the movies that are going to be released in the cinema that you are closer and while you search you arrive at YouTube to do a quick search; you see that you see both the trailer and the teaser of each movie and you do not know the difference between the two, which is why you think it is the same.

Difference between Teaser and Trailer

If you feel identified with the situation described above, then read on because it is important that you clearly understand the difference between teaser and trailer.

This is a type of advertising campaign that seeks to promote a particular movie. It always lasts less than a minute and does not include details of the plot, music or purpose of the play. Typically, teasers are filmed when movie shooting is started.

Unlike the teaser, the trailer is longer. In this case it does include small details of the plot and music of the film. The trailers are intended to intrigue the public to go see the film. He tells the audience what the film is about.

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