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Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

There is a big difference between sunroofs and moonroofs. Sunroofs are typically smaller and sit at the top of the car, while moonroofs are larger and take up the entire roof. Moonroofs also has tinted glass, while sunroofs do not. Which one is right for you?

What is a Sunroof?

Sunroofs are a type of vehicle roof panel that includes a sliding panel or pop-up panel that allows light and fresh air into the cabin. Sunroofs can be factory-installed or aftermarket, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of vehicles. Some sunroofs open fully, while others have an opening mechanism that lets you adjust the amount of airflow and light. Sunroofs can be made of glass, metal, or fabric, and they may include features such as ultraviolet (UV) protection and shades or privacy screens. In addition to providing a source of fresh air and natural light, sunroofs can also enhance the look of your vehicle and increase its resale value. Whether you’re shopping for a new car with a sunroof or looking to add one to your current vehicle, there are many things to consider to ensure you choose the right sunroof for your needs.

What is a Moonroof?

A moonroof is a type of roof that consists of a large, glass panel that allows light and fresh air to enter a vehicle. Moon roofs can be found on a variety of vehicles, from cars to SUVs to trucks. Typically, these glass panels also come with either manual or motorized controls for opening and closing. And while many people enjoy the benefits of having a moonroof in their vehicle, there are also some potential drawbacks. For example, moonroofs are often more expensive than traditional roofs, meaning that they can be financially out of reach for some drivers. Additionally, they can be prone to leaks or wear over time if not properly maintained. Despite those concerns, though, many motorists find that the benefits of having a moonroof greatly outweigh any possible downsides. After all, who doesn’t love being able to soak up the sun and fresh air while driving?

Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

Sunroofs and moonroofs are two types of roofs that are commonly found in cars. Sunroofs are typically manually operated through a sliding glass panel, whereas moonroofs are usually powered and fully automatic. Both sunroofs and moonroofs provide extra light and ventilation to the interior of a car, but they differ in terms of their functionalities and construction. Sunroofs tend to be made from a single pane or panel of glass, while moonroofs often incorporate multiple panels or retractable panels with built-in shade covers. Ultimately, whether you prefer a sunroof or a moonroof is largely a matter of personal preference, though both types can be useful for different reasons. So if you’re in the market for a new car with one of these impressive roof features, it’s important to consider what exactly you’re looking for before making your decision.


Sunroofs and moonroofs are both types of roof-mounted windows, but they have some key differences. Sunroofs typically refer to a retractable glass panel that can be opened to let in the fresh air, while moonroofs are fixed panels of glass. Both sunroofs and moonroofs can provide extra light and ventilation for the car’s interior, but sunroofs also offer the added benefit of being able to enjoy the outdoors while driving.

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