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Difference between Sunni and Tabligh

Difference between Sunni and Tabligh

Sunni and Tabligh are two sects of Islam. There are many differences between the two, but the most notable is their approach to preaching Islam. Sunni Muslims believe in Jihad- a holy war waged on behalf of Allah- while Tablighi Jamaat believes that Jihad should be personal, not political. This difference has caused tension between the two groups over the years. While they both follow the same principles of Islam, their interpretations can be quite different.

What is Sunni?

Sunni Islam is one of the two major branches of Islam, along with Shia Islam. Sunni Muslims make up the vast majority of the Muslim population in the world, estimated at close to 1.5 billion people. Sunni Islam has its origins in the early days of Islam, and its name comes from the word “sunnah,” which refers to the teachings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad. Sunni Muslims believe that Muhammad was the final prophet sent by God and that his teachings should be followed as closely as possible.

As a result, Sunni Islam emphasizes adherence to the Quran and the sunnah, as well as undertaking personal pious acts such as fasting and giving charity. While there are many different schools of thought within Sunni Islam, Sunni Muslims share a belief in the importance of following Muhammad’s example.

What is Tabligh?

Tabligh is aINTL form of Islamic missionary work or dawah. Its name comes from the Arabic words for “propagation” or “preaching.” The movement was founded in India in the early 20th century by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi. It has since spread to more than 150 countries and has an estimated membership of between 12 and 200 million people.
Tabligh’s stated goal is the propagation of the message of Islam and the reformation of Muslim societies. It encourages Muslims to return to the fundamentals of their faith and live their lives in accordance with Islamic teachings. Tabligh has been described as “a nonviolent movement for the propagation of Islamic beliefs and values” and as “the largest Sunni Islamic movement in the world.” It has also been criticized by some Muslims for being too narrowly focused on personal piety at the expense of social and political reform.

Difference between Sunni and Tabligh

  • Sunni and Tabligh are two different Islamic sects. Sunni Islam is the largest sect and follows the traditional interpretations of the Quran. The Tablighi Jamaat, on the other hand, is a more spiritual movement that focuses on personal morality and spreading the message of Islam.
  • Both groups believe in the basic tenets of Islam, but they differ in their approach to worship and religious education. Sunni Muslims typically attend mosques for Friday prayers and follow a more strict interpretation of Islamic law. The Tablighi Jamaat, on the other hand, does not have formal places of worship and instead relies on small group meetings to discuss religious matters.
  • They also place less emphasis on Islamic law and instead focus on promoting personal piety. While both sects have their own distinct beliefs, they share a common goal of spreading salvation through Islam.


Sunni and Tabligh are two sects of Islam. They have different ideologies and goals. Sunnis believe in a caliphate, while Tablighi Jamaat does not. Tablighi Jamaat is more focused on personal reform than spreading the faith to others.

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