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Difference between Substance Abuse and Dependence

Difference between Substance Abuse and Dependence

Substance Abuse vs Dependence

Difference between substance abuse and dependence: – Substance abuse and dependence are different problems that people often confuse and in some cases think it is the same. Whether you use sedatives, antidepressants, sedatives or any other type of medicine; we know that control is necessary; when for some reason it is lost then we begin to abuse, depend or become addicted to certain substances.

Difference between substance abuse and dependence

To make things clearer on this topic, here’s the difference between substance abuse and dependence.

Substance abuse
It occurs when there is a pattern of consumption of certain substance (s) by a consumer who does not take into account the quantity or method that doctors recommend when prescribing the substance in question.

Generally, anyone who abuses a substance does not have medical supervision and avoids consulting with health professionals. This type of person may incur this intentionally or out of ignorance. An example that could be illustrative of the first case is that of the steroid-consuming players to improve their performance; While an example that fits the second case could be that of the mother who gives syrup to her children even when they are not sick (“to prevent disease”). Another example of substance abuse (very common) is the people who consume vitamin supplements that were not even prescribed.

Substance dependence
In this case it is the physical dependence on a substance. Actually this is a response of the body to the use of certain drugs (especially when used periodically) as uploads, stimulants, antidepressants and others.

People with this problem have some characteristic symptoms, such as: tolerance to the substance (this no longer makes effect because the body is accustomed to it), changes in behavior patterns, persistent desire to repeat the dose of the drug, Excessive amount of time invested in using or obtaining the substance, continuous errors of thought and a progressive increase in the amount of substance that is ingested.

Finally, depending on the symptoms that the patient presents will be diagnosed with physical or psychological dependence on a substance; although it may also be the case that he is diagnosed with both types of dependence.

Key Differences between Dependence and Substance Abuse

  • Substance dependence is often a physical response of the body when a substance is consumed with some regularity, while substance abuse is related to the consumption of substances without moderation or prescription of a health professional.
  • Substance dependence is more dangerous than substance abuse.
  • In the case of substance abuse the only treatment that is recommended is social support and the search for information, while in the case of dependence in addition to the aforementioned, it is also important that the person undergo a detoxification process.

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