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Difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity

Difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity

What is difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity? The theory of relativity is not as complicated as we think. The theory of relativity was a great discovery in the field of physics. It is simple science that can be used in our daily experiences. In his 1905 paper Electrodynamics of bodies in motion, Einstein explains his theory of special relativity. Special relativity deals with things that move close to or at the speed of light.

Difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity

The new concept derived from relativity is based on the fact that the laws of physics are the same in all inert bodies, that is, non-accelerated frames of reference and the speed of light in free space is constant.

According to special relativity, space and time are not separate concepts. If we move one object relative to another, time is a mixture of space and time. This means, among other events that are seen as simultaneous for one observer may not be simultaneous for another that moves relative to the first.

Special relativity explains how the law of science must be the same no matter where they are located or in which direction they move, when there is an absence of gravitation. It would be easy to tear down relativity in terms of coordinated time-space. In special relativity, one only deals with time-space.

The theory of general relativity published in 1916 is based on the same theory of special relativity. The difference is that the general theory explains the force of gravity in terms of fourth-dimensional space-time. According to Einstein the forces of acceleration and gravity are equivalent. Its publication also says that all the laws of physics can be formulated to be valid for any observer, regardless of the movement of the observer.

According to this theory nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, however the gravitational force between two different objects can be larger when they are closer to each other. If we move them further or closer, the change in attraction is instantaneous. This theory also considers a much broader case in spacetime and talks about the laws of physics being all the same in a frame of reference.

This theory allows us to work in gravity since it allows us to define a Lorentz local framework together with the principle of equivalence as well as with the principle of general relativity. The Einstein equation says that matter directs spacetime in how to curve, and spacetime tells matter how to move. This theory has been confirmed with a variety of experiments. It also calls for the existence of such commas as black holes and gravitational waves.

In Summary:

  • In the gravity of special relativity we cannot deal with gravity. He also states that space and time are not separate concepts but intertwined.
  • On the other hand, general relativity explains that the gravity in realization is a curvature of space-time caused by matter, like the earth.

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