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Difference between Sour and Bitter | Sour vs. Bitter

Sour vs. Bitter

Difference between Sour and Bitter: – The human language can perceive 5 basic flavors and unlike what we were taught for a long time in school; it is not divided by zones at the moment of perceiving them, that is to say, that all the flavors can be perceived by any part of the language.

We can distinguish between sweet, umami, salty, sour and bitter; but here we just focus on the difference between sour and bitter.

Difference between Sour and Bitter

Among all the tastes, the bitter is to which we are more sensitive; this is perhaps an evolutionary response to the fact that a large number of toxic and deadly substances to us have precisely bitter taste.

For us, the bitter taste is unpleasant and to perceive it without complications is considered as a protective function; which is why, many times when looking to do health tests, tests are done to see how such is our perception of what is bitter and what is not. Some foods are bitter taste is: coffee, unsweetened cocoa, beer, among others.

On the other hand, instead of talking about the possible toxicity of a substance, what the sour taste does is give us an idea of ​​the degree of acidity that food possesses.

We are able to detect what are sour thanks to the hydronium ions, which are formed by water and acid. However, apart from this mechanism, there are others that have been suggested.

Finally, the sour taste is usually found in fruits such as oranges, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, damaged milk, etc. The Key differences between sour and bitter is bitter taste is often associated with toxicity, while sour is associated with the acidity of food.

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