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Difference between Smoothies and Juices

Difference between smoothies and juices

Smoothies vs. Juices

Difference between smoothie and juice: – Milkshakes, juices and smoothies are among the favorite beverages of most people around the world. Although there are few differences between the three, the reality is that they have them and if we go to a restaurant or a cafeteria it is good that we know what makes them different and what characterizes each one

Difference between smoothies and juices

If you have doubts, then we tell you what the difference between smoothie, smoothies and juices.

Milkshakes are drinks made with fruits, but in this case, fruits are usually beaten whole (without removing the husk or seeds); although there are some fruits that must be removed. As they contain the fruit pulp, the result is a thick liquid. They are considered good for health as they provide fiber.

They act as a fast food replacement. They tend to be lighter than many other types of foods, and are therefore recommended as food before or after exercise. They are raw foods, so they bring all the benefits associated with them.

Another reason why they tend to be so thick is because milk, ice cream or yogurt is usually used in their preparation. (It is not very common to use ice cream, but this may be the case).

For smoothies that are made grated ice or frozen fruits, it is known as smoothies. In some places they are also called yunyún or scraped, when they are made from fruits with grated ice.

Of the three drinks, this is the simplest; because it consists of extracting the juice or the liquid part of the fruits or vegetables. Also, of the three drinks treated, the juices are the only ones that do not carry milk, yogurt or ice cream among its ingredients; they are simply dumped with ice cubes. In addition, they are commonly made from a single fruit and in a few cases, from two in combination.

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Since they do not contain the fiber of fruits and most of the other nutrients are lost in the extraction process, juices do not report great health benefits or a healthy diet. Even if you want to lose weight, the most rewarding thing is to avoid them.

Liqueurs are often different from milkshakes and juices; they can also be made from milk, cereal or ice cream; but to a lesser extent than in the case of milkshakes.

They can be sweetened with fruit syrup or chocolate sauce and are usually topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Originally, the smoothies were punches of eggs, whiskey and milk; but with the passage of time they evolved into what we know today. Like shakes, smoothies often mix more than one type of fruit; but usually without the shell.

In liqueurs, ice cream is very common and they are usually thicker than smoothies, but much thicker than juices and more nutritious than the latter.

Differences between smoothies and juices

  • The milkshakes are a mixture of fruits and in them usually the pulps of the same ones are conserved. They are thick and sometimes combine with milk, yogurt and to a lesser extent; frozen. Juices are made from the liquid extracted from the fruits, do not contain the pulp and are not thick. Liqueurs combine fruits, dairy products and cereals.
  • The smoothies are thicker than the juices, the juices are the most liquid and the smoothies are thick and frothy.
  • Smoothies are often high in carbohydrates, but low in fat and protein. Juices could provide some vitamins and minerals. Liqueurs can provide a good amount of calcium and protein and are generally high in calories.

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