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Difference between Smiley and Emoticon | Smiley vs. Emoticon

Difference between Smiley and Emoticon | Smiley vs. Emoticon

Smiley vs. Emoticon

Difference between smiley and emoticon: – Nowadays, people tend to use fewer words and instead communicate through an image based on written language, which belongs to one of these two sides: smiley or emoticon.

Difference between smiley and emoticon

Although words can be more precise, it is more comfortable to communicate using an emoticon or smiley, since in this way many feel that they can better express not only the message they are interested in sharing, but also the emotions and feelings behind it.

In recent years, smileys and emoticons have gained great popularity. Undoubtedly, the grace and adorability of these has contributed to the cause, as well as its absurdity.

Now, people who are not accustomed to terminology often do not know the difference between emoticons and smileys. In fact, even people who have grown up using them are unaware or not at all clear about the difference between smileys and emoticons.

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information to complement what you already know, then read on, because below we explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic.

Smileys are stylized representations of smiling human faces. Almost all of us have come across some of these on social networks or on any other internet portal, even if we have not noticed it.

Usually the smileys are yellow and express some emotion (it does not necessarily have to be joy), but it is almost always a smile. The face is often round and adorable. Since they developed, these faces have gained much reputation; so much that they have become an important part of popular culture.

On the other hand, before technology advanced to the point where it is today, there was no way to send adorable yellow faces or smileys as messages; for this reason, people discovered a way to use alphanumeric characters to create representations of their emotions without using words. For example it (I.e. would be a smiling face. As can be seen, in this case it is not about images.

Finally, the main difference between smileys and emoticons is that the first ones are adorable yellow faces (images), while the emoticons are created with text. Despite all of the above, it is good to clarify that the interchangeable use of these concepts is fairly common today.

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