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Difference between Sleeping and Dreaming | Sleeping vs. Dreaming

Difference between Sleeping and Dreaming | Sleeping vs. Dreaming

Sleeping vs. Dreaming

Difference between Sleeping and Dreaming: – The dreams and the reason why we sleep have always aroused the curiosity of more than one scholar. Since ancient times there has been a special interest in the dreams and the meaning of them, to such an extent that some attribute to them supernatural and mystical qualities.

With the passage of time, some beliefs associated with the acts of sleeping and dreaming have diminished considerably; in part because in the last century scientists made significant progress in studying the factors that make us sleep, as well as those that make us dream.

Difference between Sleeping and Dreaming

Now, because of the close relationship between these two terms, there are a lot of people who are confused at the moment of understanding what is what makes them different. If you also have doubts about it or just want some more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you what is the Difference between Sleeping and Dreaming.

Sleeping is one of the basic needs of humans and many other living things, so much so that you can die from lack of sleep. Since always this activity has intrigued people because it is often considered as the closest experience to the dying that can be appreciated while alive.

We sleep because a number of factors cause it, such as neurotransmitters, for example. When we are sleeping our body is in a state of rest and we are not clearly aware of what is happening around us. Our whole nervous system reduces the degree to which it carries out its activities.

In humans, sleep consists of four stages; which are defined by the degree of “depth” of the same or; in other words, how insensitive we are to external stimuli. The first three phases correspond to NMOR or light sleep, while the fourth and last phase is known as MOR or Rapid Eye Movement.

On the other hand, the subject of dreams and their study is a little more subjective; although scientifically have been able to explain some elements or phenomena related to them.

Every day we listen to people talking about the dreams or the nightmares they had the night before. Some say they dream that something is chasing them, others dream that they are flying, and there are also people who often have dreams of the dead. In relation to the latter case, it is observed that sometimes some individuals attribute to this type of dreams influences that go beyond those that actually have.

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