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Difference between Server and Cloud | Server vs Cloud

Difference between server and cloud

Server vs. Cloud

Difference between server and cloud: We live in a stage of the computer revolution and without doubt, the internet has become an important part of our lives.

We make use of this tool in our homes, in schools, at work.

The Internet offers thousands of options and tools that can be very useful,

some of us keep our documents, photos, and other files on a platform designed for such purposes;

in order not to have to carry them all the time and keep them protected,

likewise, the people who have pages or blogs use services that allow us to keep them and follow them.

Difference between server and cloud

Next, we will clarify to you what is the difference between server and cloud, services that allow us to do everything that previously said, and much more.

Difference between server and cloud


Clouds can be considered as a “metaphor “of what the internet is.

They consist of a series of computational and configurable resources, such as

  • networks,
  • servers,
  • storage, applications
  • services;

which provide access to the demand for these resources.

Users using cloud services only have to pay for the specific services they need

(although most clouds offer certain free services, users can request more by paying a fee).

The servers responsible for the operation of the clouds are on the internet, for this reason,

they allow us to access our files from any device that has access to this resource.


Servers can be described as computers dedicated to providing services to other computers.

These services depend on the needs or requirements of the clients.

Depending on the use that will be given to the server, it will have more or less storage capacity and functionality.

Also, there are different types of servers adjustments as per the needs of users.

In the case of servers, the information is stored in single physical hardware;

which is why it is not so easy to migrate and take our information to another server so easily.

Note: Currently clouds and servers have been integrated and more and more users opt for this new service that offers the advantages of both.

Key difference between cloud and server

What allows the operation of clouds is on the Internet, while servers often rely on physical hardware that offers the service to customers.

  • Cloud: Depends on the demand of the user.
    • Broad access to the network.
    • Grouping of resources.
    • Fast and Efficient
  • Server:
    • Manageable.
    • Backups.
    • Monitoring.
    • A little more secure.

for further Reading

Types Of cloud and server

  • Public cloud: public and general use.
  • Private cloud: exists within the boundaries of an organization.
  • Hybrid cloud: it’s a mix between public and private cloud.
  • Application server: Used to connect database servers to users.
  • Proxy server: is a mediator between clients and external servers.

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