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Difference between Selfie and Groupie

Difference between Selfie and Groupie

Selfie vs. Groupie

What is Difference between Selfie and Groupie? You just need to be alive to hear or read the word selfie everywhere, word that became very fashionable after the photo of a group of celebrities became viral in social networks; but in addition to the fact of the vitality that reached that photo, one of the things that could draw the attention of some is that although everyone calls it selfie, it is actually a groupie.

Difference between Selfie and Groupie

If you still cannot distinguish between these two concepts, then continue reading; because this post is all about the difference between selfie and groupie.


A selfie is a photo of oneself taken by one, that simple. Often people use their smartphones, tablets or cameras to take photos. Many are placed in front of a mirror or use another tool to press the shutter and take pictures. Now, what makes a selfie is that in the photo that has been taken by a certain person only that person leaves. The very word “selfie” can give you an idea that what was said above is true.


As the word indicates, in this case it is not a single person in a photo; but of a group. But what makes a groupie a groupie is the fact that the photo is taken by one of the members of the group that appears in the photograph. For example, if a group of friends meets for a photo; but this is taken by someone else who does not appear in the picture, then it is not said that it is a groupie.

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