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Difference between Seaquake and Tsunami | Seaquake vs. Tsunami

Difference between Seaquake and Tsunami | Seaquake vs. Tsunami

Seaquake vs. Tsunami

Difference between Seaquake and Tsunami:- Both seaquake and tsunamis are natural disasters of epic proportions that throughout history have caused great devastation in terms of property damage and loss of life, however, although both share these characteristics , the truth is that it is about different phenomena.

They do not always present the same magnitude and it is precisely that last element that determines the level of destruction that they leave behind.

Difference between Seaquake and Tsunami

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information on this subject, continue reading, because below we explain to you what the difference between seaquake and tsunami is.

A Seaquake is nothing more than an earthquake whose epicenter is located in the sea. Various factors can cause a tsunami, for example: a landslide under the sea, volcanic collapse and other disturbances under water.

On the other hand, a tsunami is a series of huge waves that come out of the sea and engulf everything that is in its way. They are also caused by landslides and earthquakes that occur on or beneath the ocean floor.

Movement on the ocean floor causes a large volume of water to move and form giant waves that move at high speed and cause terrible damage to properties, especially those found on the shores. Almost always when a tsunami is experienced in the coastal zone what causes it is an earthquake that occurs very near the coast or to some distance in the ocean. Finally, most tsunamis are the result of earthquakes that cause subduction of the oceanic plates, that is, that causes them to be pushed down the continental plate.

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