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Difference between Science and Superstition | Superstition vs. Science

Difference between Science and Superstition | Superstition vs. Science

Superstition vs. Science

Difference between Science and Superstition: – Superstition is an irrational belief or notion. It is not based on correct reasoning or knowledge. It is often associated with blind faith and is evidenced in thinking and behavior. There is no rational element attached to superstition.

It lacks evidence and manifests itself in the form of religious, cultural or personal beliefs. Generally it arises because of fear or as a way of explaining what a better explanation is unknown for. Some of the things that are explained by superstitions are diseases, accidents, some natural phenomena … But instead of offering a rational and rational explanation, superstition associates everything with supernatural elements.

On the other hand, science has to do with experimental and systematic knowledge. It is not based on mere beliefs or assumptions. It explains the various natural phenomena through systematic studies.

Observations, laws and theories are important ingredients of science. It is research-based and provides organized knowledge about a particular topic. Generally speaking, it is divided into two categories: pure sciences and applied sciences.

Key differences between science and superstition


  • Science is rational and experimental, while superstition is irrational.
  • In science tests are made to arrive at certain conclusions, while in superstition what prevails is blind faith.
  • Science can be pure or applied, whereas superstition can be personal, cultural and religious.
  • Example of superstition: In ancient times, the Chinese believed that solar eclipses occurred when a dragon ate the sun.
  • Example of science: solar eclipses occur when the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun.
  • Science originates from the curiosity of the human being to understand the world, while superstition arises out of fear and ignorance.
  • Superstition is not reliable, whereas science is.

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