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Difference between Salsa and Ketchup

Difference between salsa and ketchup

Salsa vs. Ketchup

Difference between salsa and ketchup: – Both salsa and ketchup are often used as condiments. Both are widely appreciated thanks to their texture and flavor, also due to the fact that they can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes. However, it is good to know that in most countries (except in some cases) these two words describe different condiments.

Difference between salsa and ketchup

To understand a little better what the difference between salsa and ketchup is important to take a look at the original meaning of each term and the historical facts related to them. Therefore, if you have doubts about it or just search for a bit more information that complements what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic.

The term salsa comes from the Latin “sauces” meaning “salty “. It is believed that there were many reasons why it was invented and many types of dishes in which it was used as a condiment. Throughout history, the sauce has been seen as an excellent seasoning to soften the meat and improve the taste of the food.

The composition, ingredients and method of preparation of the sauce depends to a large extent on the culture and the region; even of the person. There is no exact methodology for preparing it. For example, there is garlic, tomato, soy sauce … And depending on the type can be used cold or hot.

Although many people prepare their sauces at home, there is good demand in the market for them. In the same way that they vary in ingredients and in preparation mode, they also vary in viscosity depending on the tastes of each one.

On the other hand, the word ketchup is believed to be of Chinese origin: “koechiap”, which means “fish brine”. It is supposed to originate in the seventeenth century and is linked to the type of sauce that contains fish brine, herbs and spices as main ingredients.

Between the next two centuries, this word happened to refer to the sauces that contained vinegar among its ingredients. Later on he would be associated with tomato juice, until the term became popular to describe the tomato sauce we know today.

Finally, ketchup could also refer to a type of spicy sauce that includes tomatoes and vinegar and which is usually served cold. It can be said then that ketchup is a type of sauce and the concept of sauce is wider and more comprehensive.

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