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Difference between Salary and Wages

Difference between Salary and Wages

Salary vs. Wages

What is Difference between Salary and Wages? Work is a vitally important element in every society. It is the means by which each person obtains income, profits or can survive and at the same time contributes to others. So all work is done waiting for some remuneration or reward. At the moment this remuneration is usually a salary or a salary (ohhh how silly who wrote this, salary and salary are the same).

Difference between Salary and Wages

If you think salary and salary are synonyms you are very wrong, but do not worry; because this time we will tell you the difference between salary and wages.

The salary is a method that is used to compensate or compensate employees, but in this case it is a fixed remuneration; which is always received the same in the agreed time.

The employer offers a fixed amount of money, in exchange for the worker to do certain work. Also the length of time that the employee remains within the framework of the work is equally fixed.

For example, if you are hired in a company in which you are offered 10,000 pesos per month to do such work in a certain period of time and each month you are paid as agreed; then you are getting paid. In such case, it is a salary, because they do not discount you for the holidays that may be in each month and other factors.

On the other hand, the wage is given to the workers taking into account the hours, the amount of work they do or all at once. In this case, a fixed remuneration is not received in exchange for what has been worked, but it is taken into account what is done in each day. For example, if you work in a textile industry and are paid depending on the hours you work and the quantity of pants those things; then you are getting a salary; because unlike the case of the previous example, you are not receiving a fixed compensation. Imagine that the dolls in the picture above represent you in each working day. On the first and fourth days you worked and produced more, so your salary was greater; but on the fifth day the muse of laziness inspired you and you did not work the same, so that’s for little and no snakes. That’s called salary.

The key difference between salary and salary is salary is a fixed remuneration that receives an employee in exchange for doing certain work during a set time, whereas the salary is a remuneration that is given depending on the hours that the employee works, of the total work that realizes during a day or of Two things at a time; therefore it is not fixed.

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