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Difference between Rural and Urban Life

Difference between Rural and Urban Life

Rural vs. Urban Life

What is difference between Rural and Urban Life? No matter which country you visit, you will surely find two different ways of life that are practiced by its citizens. On the one hand, there are those who live in urban life, while there are others who have a rural lifestyle. That said, nobody can help but wonder what is the difference between the two groups of people who would opt for one or another lifestyle? Here both types of life will be presented so that you can decide which of the two is without doubt, better for you and your family. Below this post is all about difference between Rural and Urban Life.

Difference between Rural and Urban Life

One of the most distinctive differences between urban and rural life is the area where one lives. The areas that are considered urban are those characterized by having modern services. Technologies such as internet, satellite, cable TV and cell phone service are always available. These areas also have shopping centers, condominiums in towers, freeways and skyscrapers.

On the other hand, rural areas are known for their open spaces. Here the people live in cozy houses with a beautiful front garden and a very spacious patio. In some countries, rural areas are characterized by hills and green pastures where animals can run freely.

Another difference between rural and urban life is the type of work that people do. Due to modern skyscrapers and technologies found in urban areas, many people are where employees are commonly found. Many of these job opportunities require that a person first obtain some type of education in college to be hired.

On the other hand, rural work opportunities often involve agricultural activities. In many cases, you will find families who run farms, vineyards, cheese producing factories and the like without the need to attend college to learn these jobs. In fact, many of these establishments are owned by families and have passed from one generation to another.

In line with this, rural life is also characterized by its close family ties. Here in rural areas, dinners on Sundays with families are very common. On many occasions, certain jobs that need to be handled become family businesses, which end in the family gathering and celebrating. This is in contrast to urban life where differences in work and responsibilities can often cause families to spend less time together. Her family meetings are often very rare even if the family lives under one roof.

In Summary:

  • Urban life is characterized by having quick and easy access to technologies and advances. Rural life is known as quieter and can be seen as old compared to urban life.
  • Sometimes, in rural life, families go from one generation to another in business. In rural life, you apply to get a job in a particular company.
  • There are more family reunions in rural life than in urban life.

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