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Difference between Roku XS and XD

Difference between Roku XS and XD

Roku has announced two new models in its player lineup: the Roku XS and the Roku XD. Both boxes are almost identical, but there are a few small differences that may make one better for your needs than the other. So which is right for you? Read on to find out! (Then compare and contrast the two models.)

What is Roku XS?

The Roku XS is a streaming media player that allows users to access over 1,000 channels and services, including popular options like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go. It features wireless connectivity and comes with remote control for easy navigation. The Roku XS also offers additional features such as the ability to mirror content from a mobile device onto your TV screen and support for high-definition video. Overall, the Roku XS provides an easy and convenient way for users to access their favorite entertainment on their TVs.

What is Roku XD?

Roku XD is a streaming device that allows users to access a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, and music. It connects to the internet through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable and can be controlled with a remote or Roku mobile app. The Roku XD offers HD video and enhanced audio for an improved viewing experience. With Roku channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, there are endless entertainment options available at the touch of a button. Roku XD is one of several models offered by Roku, with varying features and price points to meet different needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple streaming solution or advanced features like voice search and private listening, Roku has a device for you.

Difference between Roku XS and XD

The Roku XS and XD models both offer high-definition streaming, a wired Ethernet connection option, and access to Roku’s app store with over 1,000 channels. The Roku XS also includes wireless N connectivity and a USB port for playing media from an external source. However, the Roku XD offers motion control for gaming and a slightly faster processor than the Roku XS. Ultimately, the choice between the Roku XS and XD comes down to personal preference and whether you value the added features of the XD over the convenience of the USB port on the XS.


If you are looking for a streaming device with more powerful features, the Roku XS is probably the better option for you. It has more memory and processing power, which allows it to handle more complex tasks. However, if all you need is a basic streaming device that can do the basics like playing videos and music, then the Roku XD will work just fine.

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