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Difference between RJ12 and RJ45

Difference between RJ12 and RJ45

When most people think of phone cords, they imagine the type that goes into a landline telephone. This is typically a two-wire cord with an RJ12 connector on one end. However, there is another type of phone cord called an Ethernet cable. An Ethernet cable has an RJ45 connector and is used to connect computers to modems or routers. So what’s the difference between RJ12 and RJ45 connectors? And which one should you use for your phone? Let’s take a closer look.

What is RJ12?

RJ12 cables are a type of wiring that is typically used for connecting telephone lines. The RJ12 connectors are designed to fit into standard RJ12 ports, which are commonly found on phones and other devices that use telephone lines. RJ12 cables usually have six wires, although some versions may have more or fewer wires. The specific configuration of the wires varies depending on the intended use of the cable. For example, some RJ12 cables are designed for use with matrix Switcheswhile others are designed for use with Phone Systems. RJ12 cables are also sometimes referred to as RJ11 cables, although RJ11 cables generally have four wires instead of six.

What is RJ45?

RJ45 is a type of cable used for Ethernet networking. It is made up of eight copper wires twisted together in pairs. RJ45 connectors are used to terminate the ends of the cable and provide a connection point for devices. The RJ45 standard is specified in the TIA/EIA-568-B document, which defines the pinout and wiring diagram for RJ45 connectors. RJ45 cables are typically used in data centers, office buildings, and homes. They are also used in some audio/visual applications, such as HDBaseT. RJ45 cables are not compatible with coaxial or fiber optic cable systems.

Difference between RJ12 and RJ45

RJ12 and RJ45 are two standards for wiring Ethernet cables. RJ12 is the older standard, and it uses a 6P6C connector. RJ45 is the newer standard, and it uses an 8P8C connector. The main difference between RJ12 and RJ45 is that RJ12 uses a smaller connector than RJ45. RJ12 connectors are also not compatible with RJ45 jacks. RJ45 connectors are larger than RJ12 connectors, but they are also compatible with RJ12 jacks.


RJ12 and RJ45 are both types of jacks, but they have different purposes. RJ12 is typically used for telephone cords, while RJ45 is most commonly used for Ethernet cables. If you’re not sure which type of jack you need for your project, contact a professional to help you out. Thanks for reading!

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