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Difference between Riot and Discord

Difference between Riot and Discord

Riot and Discord have been two of the biggest names in the gaming chat and social media industry, dominating it for nearly a decade. Both programs offer similar features, making it hard to pick one over the other. Which has better features? What kind of security do they both provide? In this article, we’ll explore their differences and similarities to help you decide which among them is the right choice for your needs.

What is Riot?

  • Riot is an online, multiplayer game that has gained tremendous popularity since its development in 2009. Riot uses a unique gaming platform that enables the user to battle alongside friends and other players around the world while creating alliances and strategies.
  • Riot has grown so popular due to its ability to combine tactical gameplay with superb graphics and customizations. With Riot’s mechanical complexity, users can hone their skills continually while playing in various game modes with friends or random players.
  • Riot’s wide array of maps, characters, and customized avatars gives endless entertainment opportunities that encourage its millions of users worldwide to keep coming back. Riot continues to reign as one of the top competitive gaming experiences on the market today.

What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform designed mainly for gamers. It provides users with the ability to create their own “servers”, where they are free to interact with one another and share content while playing games or conversing.

  • Discord has become a major hub of communication in recent years due to its wide variety of features as well as its accessibility across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Discord allows users to not only chat with other players through video, audio, and text but also create custom roles within the server, manage moderation tools seamlessly, assign channel permissions, make use of Discord bots, and more!
  • Discord’s reliability and intuitive interface make it a great choice whether you’re just looking for basic communication or advanced tools for managing larger groups.

Difference between Riot and Discord

Riot and Discord are two wildly popular communication platforms that do share some similarities.

  • Riot is built on Matrix, an open-source federated chat standard, allowing Riot to communicate with other Matrix-based solutions. On the other hand, Discord uses its own proprietary protocol for communications which does not currently interoperate with other services.
  • Riot’s focus lies heavily in providing a secure platform for collaboration and teamwork, while Discord’s channels favor casual conversations and social activities.
  • Riot offers additional features such as audio/video conferencing capabilities and extensive moderation options while Discord provides more server customization options and gaming integrations.

Both Riot and Discord provide robust functionalities in their respective areas but the choice of which platform to use often comes down to the user’s preferences.


If you’re looking for a communication app to use while gaming, you may be wondering what the difference is between Riot and Discord. Both apps offer features that are beneficial for gamers, but they each have their own unique offerings. Riot provides a more traditional chat interface, while Discord offers server support and real-time voice and video messaging. Ultimately, the app you choose should come down to personal preference and which features are most important to you.

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