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Difference Between Right and Freedom

Difference Between Right and Freedom

Right vs. Freedom

What is difference between Right and Freedom? The Constitution of a democratic country gives its citizens certain rights and duties. If rights and duties are respected fairly, it can be said that the country provides freedom for its people. They are two different types of terms but related to similar things. Below this post is all about the difference between Right and Freedom.

Difference Between Right and Freedom

Definition of right and freedom

The terms will be clearer if their oppositions are understood. Duty is the opposite of right. If you were given a gift you should also do your small part. Captivity is the opposite of freedom. But in the modern colloquial term it is known as tyranny.

  • Getting an opportunity to vote in the middle of national elections means that you are having your right.
  • Getting an opportunity to vote for someone who really wants to vote means freedom.

At present it is very difficult to find a country that can be called to be 100% full of freedom Whether in large democracies such as the United States or India, the alternatives available to voters to choose the lesser evil instead of choosing the best option. Therefore, it does not have to vote in India and the United States and not in Afghanistan, India and the United States provide more “freedom” than Afghanistan.

Both undoubtedly provide rights. But how well freedom is preserved is an objective perception. Between the two, the United States certainly seems to provide more “freedom” economically and socially. But for some people, India could be a more just and peaceful place than living in the United States,

Brief history of Right and freedom

Both terms are related to democracy and the Constitution. Therefore, their dates and deadlines follow similar paths. The concepts of Right and citizen are older than even the Roman Empire. It would be a matter of debate to say that such freedom has not increased, but that they diminish with the passage of time. From pastures and large fields we have come to live in cubicles and 2 bedrooms. But then we live longer, faster and we are bigger today, but do we also live deeper?

Uses of Right and freedom

  • A right is a common privilege given to all citizens, for example, the right to vote, the right to property, the right to religion, the right to information, etc …
  • Freedom is when you have no restrictions for the conduct of your actions: freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom to rebel, freedom to complain, etc.

Examples of Right and freedom

  • Freedom is to have a right.
  • Right is something you can demand when you do a duty.


  • In modern parlance, both words refer to similar things, such as press freedom and the right to information.
  • Freedom means having a good environment where honorably the rights and duties are conserved.
  • If you are entitled to something, you have a right to it.
  • Self-freedom is the fundamental human right.
  • An ideal country where all rights are respected, all citizens treated equally, where corruption is insignificant, where terrorism and military operations are not heard, can be called a truly Free place.

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