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Difference between Riddle and Puzzle | Riddle vs. Puzzle

Difference between Riddle and Puzzle | Riddle vs. Puzzle

Riddle vs. Puzzle

Difference between Riddle and Puzzle: – It is normal to be a bit confused about the difference between riddle and puzzle, after all both have the same purpose, which is to challenge people and test their brain or reasoning abilities. Also, puzzles and riddles help in the acquisition of new knowledge and in the development of logical thinking; however, it is good to know that both concepts are not interchangeable and that riddles are not the same as puzzles.

Difference between Riddle and Puzzle

If you have doubts about it, continue reading, because then we explain the difference between riddle and puzzle.

A riddle is a type of statement, question or phrase whose purpose is to make people think. It has a correct answer, which is the one that the person must guess or deduce from the information that is offered.

In many cases, riddles have a double meaning and usually also rhyme (the latter feature is not found in all riddles).

Example: ‘An old white and dry melting butter’ – The candle.

‘Black on the inside, black on the outside; is my black wood heart ‘- The olive.

On the other hand, a puzzle is a type of game, problem or toy whose purpose is to test the knowledge or ingenuity of people. Puzzles must be solved by logical reasoning.

Usually the puzzles have a certain number of pieces that must be ordered and placed in its precise place. When all the pieces are placed correctly, then the answer to the problem is obtained.

There are many types of puzzles, such as crosswords for example, forming pictures, puzzles with numbers, and Rubik’s cube, among others.

Anyhow, the key Differences between Riddle and Puzzle are: Riddles are usually verbal, while puzzles are tangible things. Riddles are intended to make people think and reflect, while puzzles seek to test people’s reasoning abilities.

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