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Difference between Relation and Relationship

Difference between Relation and Relationship

When it comes to everyday conversations, talking about relationships and connections can be easily confused. Many people consider the terms ‘relationship’ and ‘relation’ as interchangeable words. However, while they may appear similar on the surface, there are distinctions between them that are important to understand. In this blog post, we’ll explore what sets relations apart from relationships – so you can gain a better understanding of how these two concepts differ!

What is Relation?

The relation is an integral part of life, connecting us with others as we navigate the twists and turns of living. It could be a familial relationship between a mother and her daughter, two wedlock-bound partners in love for eternity, or strangers across streets having a shared moment of understanding.

Relation teaches us about ourselves, how to empathize and trust in life, and that we are not alone even when we feel the world is against us. A relation can cause pain too but it is only by traveling through those tumultuous emotions that emerge from our relations that we see what makes humanity tick so well. Relation binds us together and helps us lead meaningful lives.

What is a Relationship?

The relationship is an ever-evolving thing. It can be a connection between two people who understand and appreciate each other, it could be a mentor with their student, it could be a strong friendship within the family, or it could even revolve between one and their pet. No matter what type of relationship we’re talking about, at its core lies the mutual understanding that both parties do care for each other and are willing to share their trust. The relationship isn’t just something to depend on when feeling lonely; it’s something special where both sides contribute to making this bond more meaningful.

Difference between Relation and Relationship

Relation and relationship might sound like the same thing, but upon further examination, it is clear that there are nuanced differences between the two words. The relation is non-specific and has to do with connection—it is a noun that explains the association of two entities. On the other hand, relationships have more of an emotional weight. It is a far more personal word and implies the connection between two people goes beyond mere knowledge and involves emotions such as intimacy or friendship. Relation speaks more to possibility and potential ties between entities, while relationships refer to a mutual understanding between two people that have already been established.


In a nutshell, think of relation as structure and relationship as interaction. If you have a good understanding of the distinction, it will help you when thinking about how to model your data. It also becomes clearer which operations should be performed on relations (e.g., projection) and which ones on relationships (e.g., concatenation).

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