What is Difference between Reflection and Introspection

What is difference between Reflection and Introspection? When you think about yourself, about your actions, the way you behave, or how you should behave, etc., when you do an introspective, you do almost the same as in the previous. Reflection also has other connotations. A reflection in a mirror, for example, is the image of oneself that is reflected. Reflection is also how something or someone is perceived. For example, if one had the habit of going out drunk on the street every morning, it would not reflect a good personal image.

Difference between Reflection and Introspection

From an IT perspective a reflective language can examine different types of objects at a different time, as well as how to evoke or activate those objects using specific information. Some examples of this are Java and Small talk. A language with introspection, on the other hand, can examine different objects at a specific time and sometimes has the ability to modify or influence these objects.

Taking these terms to semantics, the term reflection denotes the act or stage of being reflected. It also denotes a representation, image or counterpart. At the same time it implies an arrangement of thoughts about something or a thought that comes to mind during the act of consideration or meditation. As it was described before, it also has to do with accusations or reproaches. In terms of physics, it involves the reflection of light, heat or sound against a surface. In mathematical terms it implies a replacement of a fucking on one side of a line by the opposite symmetrical point on the other side of the line.

Introspection on the other hand, has to do with the observation or examination of one’s emotional or mental state or the process of observing from within. The tendency to self-evaluation and measurement is introspection. The search for souls is what one assumes as the essence of this term.

In essence, the term introspection is a deeper and more personal form of reflection. When one reflects, one can examine the factors that are available to one and can be taken from the environment, try and understand why things work in a certain way. On the other hand, introspection is a personal and philosophical analysis where we test our own predicaments and predispositions and how they influence the way we act. For example, if a car tire were struck, the reflection would lead us to conclude that this happened because we went through a nail. The introspection will make us believe that the puncture happened without a doubt to the fact that we drive by a nail, but that was a product of not having handled carefully and having been able to avoid going through the nail.

Although we see that these two terms seem so similar that sometimes one is used for another, they have a completely different connotation, as well as in their meaning. However, a very strong similarity and with few differences between the two terms, occurs in the IT domain as well as in the two terms that denote similarities but also own differences.

In Summary:

  • The term reflection denotes the act or state of being reflected while introspection has to do with the examination and observation of one’s mental and emotional state.
  • Reflection implies an arrangement of thoughts about something while introspection is a tendency of self-evaluation and measurement.
  • In a reflection one sees the factors while in introspection one also sees the philosophical aspects.