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Difference between Record Player and Turntable

Difference between Record Player and Turntable

If you’re new to the world of vinyl, you may be wondering what the difference is between a record player and a turntable. In short, a record player is a type of turntable, but not all turntables are record players. A record player has an amplifier and speakers built-in, which means you can listen to your records without needing any other equipment. A turntable, on the other hand, does not have an amplifier or speakers built-in – you’ll need to purchase these separately if you want to use them. Additionally, some turntables allow for more advanced features such as pitch control and reverse playback, while others are simpler and more basic.

What is Record Player?

Record players, also known as record players or turntables, are devices that play recorded audio in a variety of formats. These devices use a drive belt to move a stylus over the Record player’s platter, mechanically translating the vibrations it picks up into sound. Record players are typically used to listening to vinyl records, which consist of grooves pressed into thin discs of plastic. Despite the growing popularity of digital music formats such as CDs and MP3s, many audiophiles continue to appreciate the warmer sound quality of vinyl records and use Record players for playing these older media. Whether you’re looking for an affordable Record player for casual listening or a high-end model for more serious audiophiles, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

What is Turntable?

The turntable is a DJing platform that allows users to mix and scratch digital music files on their computers. Turntable can be used to create remixes, beats, and other melodies. It can also be used for live performances. The turntable has a variety of features, including the ability to synchronize tracks, crossfade between them, and add effects. Turntable also supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, and AIFF.

Difference between Record Player and Turntable

Record players and turntables are often used interchangeably, but there are actually some important differences between the two. Record players are all-in-one units that include a built-in amplifier and speakers. Turntables, on the other hand, are just the spinning platform that the record sits on – they require an external amplifier and speakers to actually produce sound. Record players are typically cheaper and easier to use than turntables, but many audiophiles prefer the latter for its superior sound quality. Another key difference is that turntables can be customized with different cartridges and tonearms, while record players usually cannot. Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your budget and your preferences.


Turntables use a direct drive motor that turns the platter at a constant speed, regardless of how much torque is being applied to it. This results in better sound quality and less wow and flutter. A record player typically uses an indirect-drive or belt-driven motor, which can cause fluctuations in platter speed depending on the amount of torque being applied. This can lead to decreased sound quality and more wow and flutter. If you’re looking for optimum sound quality when listening to your vinyl records, then you should consider investing in a turntable instead of a record player.

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