Difference between Quilt and Comforter

Quilt vs Comforter

Difference between Quilt and Comforter: – Yesterday I friend of mine came to my house; actually we both had a plan to have dinner together.  While we were on a dining table, he asked a question to me, what is the difference between quilt and comforter? I was little bit surprise with this question, but I’ll have answered this question.

Difference between Quilt and Comforter

Quilts and comforters are two important part of a beautiful bed set. Even though most of the people refer to the same thing using both terms, but there does exist a difference between quilt and comforter. Nevertheless, due to regional differences in dialect, the same item might be called both a quilt and a comforter.

  1. Quilt

A quilt is a flatbed cover consisting of a single piece. The most common types of covers that are usually used are patchwork umbrella, where the front or top is made up of numerous pieces of fabric. The back is generally different from the front.

In the past, they’ve been used generally as the covering that protects the bed from dust. The front side of quilts was typically made from little left-over pieces of cloth, so they were not wasted. Today, quilts can be used for many other purposes. They are still used on beds, but the unique appearance of a patchwork quilt made it a style of art. Some quilts will have intricate pictures on top of them, a single large picture, or perhaps a series of blocks telling a tale, such as Harriet Powers’ holy bible quilt.

Aside from their original purpose, they have also been used for educating others to record history and to commemorate important events to aid in fundraising and campaigns. Moreover, they are also hung up on walls, utilized in clothing, used as throw rugs, tablecloths, sides of outdoor tents, and shown off at public events.

  1. Comforter

Technically speaking, a comforter is a bed covering that has two or more pieces. Comforters are only used as pickup bed coverings. They tend to be much fluffier than quilts, with much more insulation or padding. However, compared to quits, the front and rear sides of a comforter are usually the same.

There are some other terms used for the comforter in different areas of the world. Actually, the term ‘comforter’ is merely used in American English language. As they are almost never used outside the Unites States, the same thing would be known as ‘doona’. In the United Kingdom, these are also known by the name of ‘eiderdowns’, ‘duvets’, ‘continental quilts’, or maybe ‘quilts’. Moreover, just like the difference in names, designs for comforters are also different. As, in French, the term ‘duvet’ means ‘down’, as down feathers on a bird. This is also why comforters are called eiderdowns.

Duvets are usually thicker than comforter sheets but comforter sheets usually last for a longer time. Another difference is that duvets are usually of a fixed size as that of a mattress, but comforters are always a little bit bigger so that they can hang down within the edges. However, comforters are generally used on top of bedsheets.

To summarize, quilts are flat fabrics made from a decorated front, a blank back, and a coating of insulation between. Comforter sets are thicker, not usually decorated, and both sides are often the same. While quilts have a number of uses, comforters are only used on beds. In addition, there are duvets, which are even thicker than comforter sets. ‘Comforter’ is a term used only in North American English. Quilts, comforters, and duvets may also be commonly called as ‘quilts’ in British, and comforters as ‘donnas’ in Aussie English.

Now I’m sure you all also have cleared to your mind the difference between quilter and comforter same like my friend. I had a great time there with my friend.  By the way I’m from London, United Kingdom, so it was little bit easy for me to differentiate both the terms, but I can understand for non-native speakers, it will be hard difference them both.

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