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Difference between Puppet and Muppet

Difference between Puppet and Muppet

Puppet vs. Muppet

Difference between Puppet and Muppet: – Entertainment and games are important elements in the lives of all human beings. Since we are small we need them and much of our learning and individual and social development we owe to both. As for the games, we all have our preferences, but certainly one of the most popular and ancestral forms of entertainment have to do with the use of dolls, puppets and Muppets.

Difference between Puppet and Muppet

Sure you are very clear what a doll is, but if you have doubts as to what is the difference between puppet and Muppet; continue reading because then we explain it to you.

A puppet is simply a kind of doll that represents a human or animal. The puppets are obviously manipulated by someone called the puppeteer. The puppeteer is responsible for all movements of the puppet and always makes use of his hands to handle it.

Muppets are a type of puppet, but are distinguished from the former because they are not controlled directly with the hands; but usually have strings by which their movements are controlled.

The manipulation of Muppets is considered as a more complex occupation than that of the puppeteer since it is necessary to have the very good corporal mastery to be able to express itself clearly through the use of that kind of tools of representation.

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