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Difference between Public Administration and Private Administration

Difference between Public Administration and Private Administration

There are obvious distinctions between the public and private sectors of administration. However, there is a lot of crossover in the skills required for success in each. In order to understand what separates these two career paths, it is important to first understand the fundamental differences between public and private administration.

What is Public Administration?

  • Public Administration is the process of managing the affairs of a city, state, or country. This can include tasks such as creating and enforcing laws, managing public resources and providing social services.
  • Public Administration is a complex field that requires knowledge of many different disciplines, including political science, economics, sociology, and law.
  • Public administrators must be able to effectively communicate with and serve the needs of the public. They must also be able to work with elected officials and other government employees to ensure that the machinery of government runs smoothly. Public Administration is a vital part of any society and plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient and effective operation of government.

What is Private Administration?

  • Private administration is the application of management principles and practices to private sector organizations. Private administration includes all aspects of business management, from human resources and marketing to finance and information technology.
  • Private administrators work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and banking. Private administration is a complex field that requires a deep understanding of both business principles and management practices.
  • Private administrators must be able to effectively communicate with and motivate employees, while also ensuring that the organization meets its financial goals. Private administration is a dynamic and ever-changing field, and those who work in it must be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Difference between Public Administration and Private Administration

Public administration and private administration are two very different fields. Public administration is usually government-run, while private administration is not. Public administration deals with the management of public resources and affairs, while private administration deals with the management of private resources and affairs.

  • Public administrators typically have more experience and training in dealing with the challenges of running a large organization, while private administrators typically have more experience in running a smaller organization.
  • Private administration is also generally less regulated than public administration. As a result, private administrators have more freedom to make decisions and implement policies.
  • However, this freedom also comes with more responsibility, as private administrators are responsible for the success or failure of their organizations. In general, public administration is a more complex field than private administration.

Public administrators must deal with a variety of stakeholders, including elected officials, government employees, and the general public. They must also navigate a complex web of rules and regulations. In contrast, private administrators typically only have to answer to their employers or shareholders. As a result, private administration is generally less bureaucratic and more efficient than public administration.


There are many fundamental differences between public administration and private administration. The most significant distinction is that the goal of public administration is to serve the public good, while the goal of private administration is to make a profit for the owners or shareholders. Public administrators are typically civil servants who work for government organizations, while private administrators can be employees of either for-profit or nonprofit organizations. Finally, public administrations are often subject to government regulations and scrutiny, while private administrations are not typically subject to such oversight.

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