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Difference between Product and Service

Difference between Product and Service

What is the difference between a product and a service? Most people would say that a product is tangible and a service is intangible. But there’s more to it than that. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different characteristics of products and services and discuss when it’s appropriate to use each one. We’ll also look at some real-world examples to help illustrate the concepts. So read on to learn more about the differences between products and services!

What is Product?

  • A product can be defined as anything that is capable of being sold or traded in exchange for money or other goods and services. In a business context, product refers to the physical goods or services that a company offers for sale.
  • Product development is the process of creating a new product, or improving an existing one, in order to generate additional sales and revenue. This process typically involves market research, idea generation, feasibility testing, prototyping, and ultimately launching the product on the market.
  • Product management is then responsible for overseeing the entire product life cycle, from development through to post-launch support and maintenance. In order to be successful, product managers must have a strong understanding of both the marketplace and the needs of their target customers.

What is Service?

Service is an action that is performed for the benefit of another person or group. The term can be used to refer to a wide range of activities, from providing assistance to those in need to performing acts of kindness. Service can be performed by individuals or groups, and it doesn’t necessarily require any special skills or training.

Anyone can provide service, and it is often said that service is its own reward. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from helping others, those who serve often report feelings of happiness, connectedness, and purpose. Service can take many forms, but one common thread is that it involves giving of oneself for the benefit of others.

Difference between Product and Service

A product is a tangible item that can be purchased and used, whereas a service is an intangible offering that provides satisfaction to the customer. Product-based businesses typically invest heavily in manufacturing and marketing, as well as research and development, in order to create new products that will appeal to customers.

  • In contrast, service-based businesses typically focus on providing a high level of customer service, as this is what will differentiate them from their competitors.
  • Product businesses can be risky, as there is always the possibility that a new product will not be successful. However, if a product is successful, it can generate a lot of revenue for the company. Service businesses are generally less risky, as customers are more likely to continue using a service if they are satisfied with it.
  • However, service businesses can often be more labor-intensive than product businesses, as they require employees who are able to provide high-quality customer service.


In order to understand the difference between a product and a service, it’s important to first define what each one is. A product is tangible, meaning that it can be seen, touched, or felt. It has a physical form and usually comes with an instruction manual. A service, on the other hand, is intangible. It can’t be seen or touched; rather, it’s an experience provided by someone else. Services are often difficult to quantify because they vary in terms of quality and how they’re delivered. The best way to think about the difference between a product and a service is this: products are things you buy; services are things you use.

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