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Difference between Prefix and Suffix | Prefix vs. Suffix

Difference between Prefix and Suffix | Prefix vs. Suffix

Prefix vs. Suffix

Difference between Prefix and Suffix: – Most of us learn a language (our native language), we learn how to speak and write; but we also received lessons about Grammar. This last point related to Grammar is the one that worries the most and is harder to learn, even for native speakers of a given language (imagine the challenges that non-native speakers or those trying to learn a new language must face). When it comes to Grammar, almost everyone gets help from time to time; but there are some topics like ‘the various prefixes and suffixes of the language’ that to be dominated facilitate the understanding of some words and improve our ability to form them.

Difference between Prefix and Suffix

As we know that you always want to learn more and maybe you have some doubts related to the aforementioned topic, here’s the difference between prefix and suffix.

Prefixes are words (morphemes) that are added to other words with the purpose of changing the meaning of them. Since the same prefix (pre) of the word ‘prefix’ indicates it, the prefixes are placed at the beginning of the words. For example: happy – (in) happy, normal – (a) normal. In these cases, the meaning of the second words is completely opposite to the first.

In spite of everything, there are exceptions to the rule and not always the prefixes are used to form opposing words; for example, to the word ‘generates’ we can add the prefix (re) and say ‘regenerate’ and in that case we would not be forming a word whose meaning is opposite to the first one.

On the other hand, suffixes are quite similar to prefixes as far as purpose is concerned; but what makes them different is that instead of being added to the beginning, they are placed at the end of the words.

Finally, there are words that have both prefix and suffix at a time; such as: (dis) deception, (extra) ordinary (mind), (inter) galactic (ico); among many others. Anyhow, the key difference between prefix and suffix is Prefixes are placed at the beginning of words, while suffixes are placed at the end.

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