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Difference between Polki and Kundan

Difference between Polki and Kundan

In India, there are various types of jewelry that are popular among women. Some of the most popular styles include polki and kundan. While both styles are often worn together, they have some distinct differences. In this blog post, we will explore the difference between polki and kundan jewelry. We will also discuss the benefits of each style and how to choose the right type of jewelry for your needs.

What is Polki?

Polki is a type of traditional Indian jewelry that dates back to the Mughal era. It is typically made from gold or silver, and is often adorned with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Polki jewelry is usually quite intricate and elaborate, and is often passed down from generation to generation. Today, Polki jewelry is still quite popular in India, and is also worn by many brides on their wedding day. While it can be quite expensive, Polki jewelry is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

What is Kundan?

Kundan is a type of jewelry that originated in India. It is made from gold and precious stones, and is often used in bridal jewelry. Kundan jewelry is usually ornate and highly detailed, with stones that are set in elaborate patterns. The stones are typically set in a resin, which helps to hold them in place and create a smooth, glossy surface. Kundan jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation, and is considered to be quite valuable. In recent years, kundan has become popular outside of India, and can now be found in jewelry stores around the world.

Difference between Polki and Kundan

Polki diamonds are unrefined, natural diamonds with a raw and rustic appeal. They are usually yellow or brown in color, and their rough exterior is often left intact. In contrast, kundan diamonds are highly refined and polished. They are also set in metal, which gives them a more traditional look.

Kundan diamonds are typically white or colorless, and they have a bright, glossy finish. Both polki and kundan diamonds are popular choices for Indian jewelry, but they offer different types of beauty. Polki diamonds are unique for their raw perfection, while kundan diamonds boast a classic elegance.


Kundan jewelry is made with gemstones and precious metals while Polki jewelry contains glass or plastic stones. The difference in the two types of jewelry is most noticeable in the way they are set. Kundan stones are all set in gold foil and then attached to the metal base, whereas Polki stones are just glued on top. Because of this, polki jewelry is less expensive than kundan.

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