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Difference between Pixel and Resolution | Pixel vs. Resolution

Difference between Pixel and Resolution | Pixel vs. Resolution

Pixel vs. Resolution

Difference between pixel and resolution; – Resolution and pixel are two important concepts that we often hear about in relation to photography, printing techniques and video games. Although these two concepts are often used simultaneously and one plays a very important role in the other, the truth is that they differ in meaning.

Difference between pixel and resolution

If you have any questions or just want to know a little more, continue reading, because then we explain the difference between pixel and resolution.

Pixels are basically a combination of image and elements of that image. They are responsible for creating the images that can be seen on the screen of digital devices.

Generally, the more pixels the better defined image is. A larger number of pixels also allows the image to be enlarged more and is better when cut. The pixels can appear as dots of colors that together create images and their colors.

On the other hand, the resolution has to do with the process or ability to make an image more or less sharp or distinguishable without the small parts that make it up (pixels).

To indicate the resolution of an image numerical values ​​are used, for example 1920 × 1200 which means that there are 2’3 M. In the case of a camera, the amount of detail that it can capture is what is known as resolution. So finally the key difference between resolution and pixels is Pixels are the small units that make up the digital images, while the resolution determines the amount of pixels an image has.

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