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Difference between Pillar and Column

Difference between Pillar and Column

Are you curious about the difference between a pillar and a column? Do you have difficulty telling them apart or have no idea what they mean when they’re used in architecture, engineering, and construction projects? Then this blog post is for you! Here we will discuss how pillars and columns are different, why engineers use these terms interchangeably at times and provide examples of where each structure can be seen around the world. So buckle up as your journey to better understanding architecture begins now!

What is Pillar?

Pillars are a type of architecture that can be found in many societies all around the world. They consist of tall, slender monuments built out of solid stone or other materials. Pillar structures have been used over thousands of years, and they have many functions like marking religious spaces, holding up buildings, and commemorating rulers or important events.

Pillar structures are usually quite ornate, with intricate carvings adding an element of mystery to these impressive monuments. From the ancient Egyptians to modern communities, pillar structures continue to play an important role in society as a connection to our past and an inspiration for the future.

What is a Column?

Column build is a new innovation designed to provide strong structural support in buildings and other structures. Column build is composed of hollow columns filled with concrete, and it is specifically designed to improve the overall strength of a building or structure by making it more resistant to impacts from both hurricanes and earthquakes.

Column build offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel construction methods, as it requires significantly less labor and time due to its simplified installation process. Column build can easily act as the main structural support for any project and helps to keep buildings safe in any region. Column build offers stability in any climate, so it can be used anywhere, from California all the way to Maine!

Difference between Pillar and Column

Pillar and Column are two concepts commonly confused but there is a clear distinction between them.

  • A pillar generally refers to an upright structure that is thicker in its middle and top, while a column has a more constant thickness along its entirety.
  • Pillar usually supports the roof of rooms or houses, and also serves as important structures in architecture like doors, gates, and walls.
  • On the other hand, columns are mainly build to help support any form of heavy burdens such as a building or bridge.

Both Pillar and Column have their own set of advantages; Pillar provides an impressive entranceway while the strength of columns allows it to take on so much weight without giving out or crumbling down.


Columns and pillars are both important architectural features, but they have different purposes. Columns support the weight of a structure while pillars hold up walls. When it comes to SEO, think of your website as a building with columns (the main pages) supporting the overall weight of the site, and use pillar content to reinforce the wall (supporting pages). Creating well-crafted pillar content is essential for any successful SEO strategy; it will help you strengthen your website’s foundation and improve rankings for all of your pages.

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