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Difference Between Philosophy and Theory

Difference Between Philosophy and Theory

Philosophy vs. Theory

Difference between philosophy and theory: – Philosophy and theory are those terms which everyone probably uses in his life, even sometimes we do philosophy without knowing about it.

So here the question is what the difference between philosophy and theory is and how we may differentiate one another from each.

Difference between Philosophy and Theory

Philosophy and theory are two important concepts that must be understood if one belongs to the field of academic studies.

The primary difference between philosophy and theory lies in their definitions.

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental concepts and facts, and their existence in nature.

A theory is a system of ideas that intend to describe something.

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By definition, philosophy is the study of general and fundamental concepts concerning

  • existence,
  • knowledge,
  • reason, values,
  • language.

This discipline is then further subdivided into various sub-disciplines such as

Some common problems in philosophy include:

  • What is existence?
  • Is it possible to know everything?
  • Is one able to know whatever and prove it?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is the reality?

So, by looking at the examples above, one can anticipate that this field of study involves:

  • Critical discussions about many important concepts,
  • Rational argumentation,
  • Organized presentation of philosophical methods used to explain these philosophical questions.

Philosophy is one of the oldest areas of study.

The roots of the word Philosophy go back to the era of some notable philosophers like:

  • Pythagoras,
  • Escenario,
  • Aristotle,
  • Immanuel Kant,
  • Socrates, Rousseau,
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Friedrich Nietzsche


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