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Difference between PCI and PCI Express

Difference between PCI and PCI Express

Are you looking to buy a new graphics card and are unsure of what the difference between PCI and PCI Express is? You’re not alone. In this blog post, we will explain the key differences between these two standards so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

What is PCI?

The PCI bus is a computer bus that is used to connect computer components and peripherals. The PCI bus is used in both desktop and laptop computers. The bus is also used in Macintosh computers. The PCI bus is used to connect devices such as sound cards, modems, and network cards. The bus is also used to connect devices such as hard drives and optical drives. The PCI bus has a data transfer rate of up to 133 megabytes per second. The bus is capable of handling up to 256 devices. The PCI bus was introduced in 1992. The bus is controlled by the PCI SIG.

What is PCI Express?

The PCI Express (PCIe) bus is a computer bus used to connect various components in a computer system. PCIe is the successor to the older PCI and AGP bus standards and offers several advantages over these older technologies. For example, PCIe supports higher data transfer rates, lower latency, and improved power management. In addition, PCIe is more scalable than older bus standards, meaning it can be used in a wider range of computer systems. Most modern computers contain several PCIe slots, which can be used to install new components or upgrade existing ones.

Difference between PCI and PCI Express

PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) are two different types of computer buses. Both are used to connect devices to a computer, but they vary in terms of speed and compatibility. PCI is the older standard and has a maximum transfer rate of 133 MB/s. It is also not compatible with PCIe devices. PCIe, on the other hand, is a newer standard with much higher transfer rates. It is available in multiple versions, with the latest version offering a transfer rate of 8 GT/s. PCIe is also backward compatible with PCI devices, meaning that it can connect to older devices such as sound cards and modems.


The PCI Express bus has many advantages over the PCI bus. It is more efficient, supports larger amounts of data, and is easier to use. If you are looking for a way to improve your computer’s performance, upgrading to a PCI Express card may be the solution you need.

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