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Difference between Pandemic and Epidemic | Pandemic vs Epidemic

Difference between Pandemic and Epidemic | Pandemic vs Epidemic

Pandemic vs Epidemic

Difference between pandemic and epidemic: – Pandemic and epidemic are words that are used to refer to the spread of diseases, however, it is important to be clear that they are different concepts that cannot be exchanged. If you do not know the difference between pandemic and epidemic, then we explain it to you.

Difference between Pandemic and Epidemic

An epidemic occurs when the incidence rate (new cases among the human population over a certain period of time) of a certain disease exceeds the expectations that have been formed based on previous experience.

It is an epidemic when the presence of a certain disease is limited to a certain region. The word comes from the Greek epi, meaning over and demos meaning people.

It is important to take into account that although an epidemic may occur in a small location, such as a city or a town; the truth is that the number of affected can be very large, especially when compared to what had been expected. For example, imagine that the incidence rate of an infectious disease is 15%; but in a period of time it reaches 40%. In such a case, it would be an epidemic.

On the other hand, when what happens in the previous example goes out of control and instead of 40% is 75% of the population that is affected; then we say that it is a pandemic.

The word pandemic comes from the Greek pan, which means “everything” and demos, meaning “people”. A pandemic is nothing more than an epidemic that extends across a large region (may be a continent) or across the world.

Key differences between pandemic and epidemic

  • An epidemic encompasses a region smaller than a pandemic.
  • When it comes to a pandemic, the number of people affected by a disease is greater than in the case of an epidemic.

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