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Difference between Oxycontin and Percocet

Difference between Oxycontin and Percocet

Oxycontin and Percocet are both opioid medications used to treat moderate to severe pain. They are both effective in managing pain, but they work in different ways. Oxycontin is a slow-release form of oxycodone, while Percocet contains a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol and can cause liver damage if taken in large quantities. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between Oxycontin and Percocet before taking either medication.

What is Oxycontin?

Oxycontin is a prescription pain medication that contains the active ingredient Oxycodone. Oxycodone is a synthetic opioid that is similar to codeine and heroin. Oxycontin is typically prescribed for moderate to severe pain. It can be used on an as-needed basis or on a regular schedule. Oxycontin is available in tablet form, and the dosage depends on the severity of the pain. Oxycontin should be taken exactly as prescribed by a healthcare provider. Taking too much Oxycontin can lead to overdose and death. Oxycontin should not be used with alcohol or other drugs that can cause drowsiness. If you have questions about Oxycontin, please talk to your healthcare provider.

What is Percocet?

Percocet is a brand-name prescription medication that contains the opioid oxycodone and the non-opioid acetaminophen. Percocet is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Opioids work by binding to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, which helps to block pain signals. Acetaminophen works by reducing inflammation. Percocet comes in tablet form and is taken orally. Percocet may be habit-forming, so it’s important to take it only as prescribed by your doctor. Percocet can also cause side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, drowsiness, and dizziness. If you experience any of these side effects, call your doctor right away. Percocet can interact with other medications, so be sure to tell your doctor about all the medications you’re taking before starting Percocet.

Difference between Oxycontin and Percocet

Oxycontin and Percocet are two medications used to relieve pain. Oxycontin is a long-acting opioid medication while Percocet is a short-acting opioid medication. Oxycontin works by slowly releasing the medication over time, providing pain relief for up to 12 hours. Percocet, on the other hand, works more quickly and only provides relief for 4-6 hours. Oxycontin is typically used for chronic pain while Percocet is usually reserved for more acute pain. Oxycontin is also available in generic form, which is typically cheaper than Percocet. Both medications can cause side effects like nausea, dizziness, and constipation. Oxycontin and Percocet are both Narcotics and can be addictive if not used as prescribed by a doctor.


Oxycontin and Percocet are both opioids that are used to relieve pain. They work in the same way, but Oxycontin is a time-release tablet while Percocet is a short-acting tablet. Both medications can be addictive if they are not taken as prescribed, so it is important to talk to your doctor about which one would be best for you.

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