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Difference between Ox and Buffalo

Difference between Ox and Buffalo

Ox vs. Buffalo

What is difference between Ox and Buffalo? We often hear and use the terms ox and buffalo. But not many people know the difference between the two. Some even think that the two terms refer to the same animal.

Difference between Ox and Buffalo

One can easily differentiate a buffalo from an ox. A buffalo is much longer and is covered by more hair than an ox. The ox is the male of the cow mammal. He has no udders and is castrated after his adulthood. The buffalo is also the male but it is not castrated.

The buffalo is a bovine animal and is used as meat in Asia, South America, North Africa and Southeast Europe. According to a survey conducted by UNFO, 97% of the buffalo population was in Asia.

The buffaloes are used in different ways. They are used in traditional methods of agriculture their meat is also used. Buffalo manure is a good fertilizer and when it dries it can be used as fuel. These animals are also used to carry heavy loads. Oxen are also used to carry loads. They are trained to separate grains, feed machines that crush grains and other purposes. Sometimes oxen are used to drag logs in dense forests and work in pairs. When working in pairs, these are used for lighter jobs such as pushing wagons. When used for heavier jobs, a team of more members is used.

The weight range of buffalo goes from 400 to 900 kilos and females are larger than males. The horns of the different varieties of buffalo are different. The river buffalos have the longest and curved horns while the swamp buffalo have slightly curved horns. Often, oxen are lighter than buffaloes when in color.

Oxen are friendlier to humans and are easier to train than buffaloes. Buffalos require grass, water and shade throughout the year, therefore they are very often found in areas where there is annual rainfall of more than 300 mm and in grassy savanna lands.

In Summary:

  1. The buffaloes are larger and are covered by more hair all over the body. Oxen are smaller than buffalo and do not have hair all over their bodies.
  2. Male oxen are castrated. Male buffaloes are not castrated most of the time.
  3. Oxen are friendlier to humans and are also easier to train. The buffaloes are not so friendly and they are not easy to train.
  4. The oxen work in pairs whiles the buffaloes in groups.
  5. Oxen are used for lighter work while buffaloes are used for heavy work in agriculture as well as for pulling logs.
  6. Oxen are lighter than buffaloes

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