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Difference between Outbox and Sent

Difference between Outbox and Sent

Everyone who has used an email program before knows that there is a direct correlation between the Outbox folder and the Sent folder. But what are some of the key differences between them? In this blog post, we’ll explore this perplexing yet important question. We’ll cover topics such as which emails will appear in each folder, why these folders exist, and how to use them correctly. By understanding these basic distinctions between Outbox and Sent, you can better utilize your email programs and make managing your messages more efficient!

What is Outbox?

Outbox is a unique mail delivery service that fills in the gap between snail mail and email. Outbox offers customers the convenience of never having to check their land mailbox but still allowing them to have physical tangible items delivered in a timely manner. Outbox makes it easy for anyone to get a package delivered anywhere, regardless of location or distance. Outbox also guarantees to securely deliver your important letters, cards, and other documents reliably whenever you need them delivered. Outboxing is fast becoming the preferred way for people to send packages both near and far.

What is Sent?

Sent is an email tracking system that allows users to see when their sent emails have been opened. Sent is a free, easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to keep track of the emails they send. Sent not only tracks when an email has been opened but also records the time and location of when it was opened.

Sent also offers other helpful analytics such as the number of times an email has been viewed, which can help you determine if your readers are interested in what you have to say. Sent makes keeping track of all your sent emails simple and straightforward, giving you insight on how effective your messages are.

Difference between Outbox and Sent

Outbox and Sent are both features that allow users to see their sent emails, but there are key differences between the two: Outbox contains only unsent emails, whereas the Sent folder includes both those that have been successfully received and those that failed to go through.

  • Outbox offers up a convenient way to double-check your messages before sending them off by providing an overview of all your draft messages, while Sent allows you to easily keep track of communication with contacts.
  • Outbox’s ready-to-send messages even remain in Outbox until they have been delivered, offering extra peace of mind that you didn’t send something too quickly or misspelt something vital.

Outbox and Sent are ideal tools for staying organized in communication, regardless of which one is used – or if both are used together.


The Outbox folder is a great place to store messages you have sent but haven’t yet been delivered. This can be helpful if you need to refer back to a message or if you accidentally send a message and want to undo it. The Sent folder stores all of your sent messages, including those that have been delivered and those that have been undelivered.

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