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Difference between Oak and Maple

Difference between Oak and Maple

Oak vs. Maple

What is difference between Oak and Maple? Oak and Maple are two different trees. Although both belong to the hardwood category, there are many differences between the two, infect below this post is all about the difference between Oak and Maple.

Difference between Oak and Maple

The Oak belongs to the genus Quercus and the Arce to the genus Acer. Arce is a very narrow, white wood. Wood is sold in both qualities, both hard and soft. The soft variety is used to make furniture and other things that need to be mold. The variety of hard maple wood is used for durable things like butcher block. Oak wood is also hardwood but with a reddish brown color. After the treatments, when it is sold, the color of the wood is usually white.

Oak wood is used for the manufacture of furniture, kitchen furniture and other decorative elements carved. In Oak wood there are pores with the naked eye and this gives a grainy texture to the wood. Maple wood has no visible pores. Therefore, Arce wood elements are softer than Oak products. There is a considerable difference in the shapes and sizes of the leaves of the two trees. The oak leaves are spiral and some varieties have serrated leaves or softened margins. A maple leaf is more pointed.

The fruit of an oak tree is an acorn and contains a seed in it. The fruit of Arce is a samara. Most oak trees are always green and have flowers. The time of flowering is spring. The Maple also has flowers and late winter or spring is the time of flowering. Oak wood is highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks due to the large amount of tannin in the wood while the maple leaves are highly affected by fungal diseases.

Oak wood is used for floors, furniture and in the production of wines and spirits. Oak is used for the conservation of wines. There are many medicinal uses of white oak bark. It is used by drying the bark. Due to the high concentration of tannin, the bark is used to tan leather. The acorns of the tree are used to make acorn coffee and the oak wood is used to make professional batteries.

The Maples are used for ornamental purposes creating bonsai, professional batteries, syrup, tobacco chips and wood. Maple wood is used for the manufacture of pool reference shafts, wooden baseball bats and butcher blocks. The seeds are good for consumption too. The Maple is a good wood tone and therefore, it is used to make musical instruments.


  • The Oak belongs to the genus Quercus and the Arce belong to the genus Acer.
  • Maple wood is white and Oak wood reddish brown.
  • The fruit of the Oak are the acorns and the fruit of the Maple is the samara.
  • The oak flowers are given in spring seasons, while the flowers Arce in late winters or early summers.
  • Oak wood is highly resistant to attacks by fungi and insects, while Maple is very susceptible to fungal infections.

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