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Difference between Mozilla and Firefox

Difference between Mozilla and Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements most current web standards.
Mozilla Firefox is extensible through add-ons, written using the XUL language. Add-ons can change the appearance or behavior of the browser, add new features, or support foreign languages.
However, some people believe that Mozilla Firefox is inferior to other browsers because of its high CPU usage and poor performance in certain tasks such as video playback. So what’s the difference between Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is a free software community best known for developing the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The community is supported by the Mozilla Corporation, a for-profit organization that sells Mozilla-related products and services. Mozilla was founded in 1998 by members of Netscape, one of the earliest web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox, their flagship product, was released in 2002 and quickly rose to popularity, becoming the second most used web browser in 2006. In addition to Firefox, Mozilla also develops the Thunderbird email client, the Firefox OS mobile operating system, and a number of other tools and services. Mozilla remains one of the most active open source communities, with hundreds of volunteers contributing to its various projects every day.

What is Firefox?

  • Firefox is a web browser that is owned by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Firefox was first released in 2004. Firefox is based on the Gecko engine. Gecko is a layout engine that is used in many web browsers.
  • Firefox has many features that are unique to the browser. These features include Firefox Sync, tabbed browsing, and live bookmarks. Firefox also has support for HTML5 and WebM videos.
  • Firefox has a large number of add-ons that are available for the browser. These add-ons can be used to customize the Firefox experience. Firefox also has a mobile version of the browser that is available for Android and iOS devices. The mobile version of Firefox includes all of the same features as the desktop version, but it is optimized for touchscreen devices.

Difference between Mozilla and Firefox

Mozilla and Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers. They are both free and open-source, and they are both based on the Mozilla codebase.

  • However, there are some important differences between the two browsers. Mozilla is a non-profit organization that develops Mozilla products such as the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, and Firefox OS mobile operating system.
  • Mozilla also provides support and security for its products. In contrast, Firefox is a for-profit company that provides web services such as the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • While both Mozilla and Firefox provide high-quality products, Mozilla’s focus on security and support makes it the better choice for users who want a reliable web browser.


Mozilla and Firefox are two different browsers with different purposes. Mozilla is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing new technologies while Firefox is a for-profit company that specializes in marketing and distributing the Mozilla browser. Firefox also has additional features, such as tracking protection and private browsing, which make it more appealing to users.

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