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Difference between Mood and Atmosphere

Difference between Mood and Atmosphere

Mood and atmosphere may seem like interchangeable words, but they have very different meanings. The mood is the emotion that is created by the work, while the atmosphere is the feeling that is created by the environment. Understanding the difference between mood and atmosphere can help you create a more effective piece of art. When it comes to mood, be sure to evoke certain emotions in your audience. With atmosphere, focus on creating a believable space for them to explore.

What is Mood?

The mood is an emotional state or quality that colors a person’s thinking and feeling. It is often described as a “mode” or “frame of mind”. Moods range from positive (e.g., happy, content, relieved) to negative (e.g., angry, sad, frustrated). Moods can be caused by life events (e.g., a death in the family, getting fired from a job), hormones (e.g., during puberty or pregnancy), environment (e.g., heat, noise, crowds), and health conditions (e.g., fatigue, depression, anxiety). Mood swings are common and normal. However, persistent or extreme mood changes may be signs of a mental health condition. Mood disorders include depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Treatment for mood disorders typically includes medication and/or therapy.

What is Atmosphere?

The atmosphere is the name given to the thin layer of gases and particles that surrounds a planet. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1 percent other gases. The atmosphere protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun, regulates our temperatures, and provides us with the air we breathe. The Atmosphere also contains clouds, which play an important role in the water cycle. The atmosphere is constantly being renewed as air moves around the planet. Hot air rises and cold air sinks, creating winds. The Atmosphere is also heated by the sun, which warms the air and drives atmospheric circulation. All of these processes are essential for life on Earth.

Difference between Mood and Atmosphere

Mood and atmosphere are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation, but they actually refer to two different concepts. The mood is the feeling or tone that a piece of writing evokes in the reader, while the atmosphere is the overall vibe or feeling that surrounds the events taking place in a story. The mood is created by the author through their choice of words and descriptions, while the atmosphere is created by the sum total of all the elements in a story, including character interactions, setting, and plot developments. Because the atmosphere is an accumulation of many different factors, it can be harder to pinpoint and create than mood. However, both mood and atmosphere are important elements in any work of fiction, and each can contribute to the overall effect of a story.


Mood and atmosphere are often confused, but they have important distinctions. The mood is the emotional feeling a person experiences in a space, while the atmosphere is made up of all the elements in a space that affect how someone feels. Creating an intentional mood for your business can help customers feel understood, appreciated, or excited, among other emotions. You can create an atmospheric environment by considering things like lighting, colors, smells, and sounds. Applying these principles to your business can help you create spaces that make people feel good when they visit.

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