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Difference between Memoir and Biography

Difference between Memoir and Biography

Though the words memoir and biography are often used interchangeably, there is a big distinction between the two genres. Memoirs are written by the person who experienced the events recounted in the book, whereas biographies are written about someone else. Memoirs focus on individual experiences and impressions, whereas biographies try to provide a more comprehensive account of a person’s life. Though each has its merits, I think memoirs are more powerful because they offer readers a unique and intimate glimpse into another person’s life.

What is Memoir?

Memoir is a genre of literature that typically focuses on the author’s personal experiences. Unlike other forms of autobiography, memoirs are usually more selective in their scope, often focusing on a specific event or period in the author’s life. Memoirs also tend to be more introspective than other autobiographical genres, offering readers insights into the author’s thoughts and emotions. Memoirs can be written about any number of topics, from family history to coming of age to loss and grief. Ultimately, they provide a glimpse into another person’s life, allowing readers to better understand the human experience.

What is Biography?

A biography is a literary genre that tells the story of a person’s life. Biographies can be either full-length books or shorter pieces, such as essays or articles. Typically, biographies provide an unbiased account of a person’s life, focusing on their achievements, personality, and character.

However, some biographies are more focused on certain aspects of a person’s life, such as their childhood or relationships. Biographies can be written about people who are still living or who have already passed away.

In some cases, the subject of a biography may cooperate with the author to provide information and access to personal documents. However, in other cases, the author may need to rely on secondary sources, such as interviews with friends and family members. Regardless of their approach, biographers strive to offer an accurate and honest portrayal of their subject.

Difference between Memoir and Biography

Memoir and biography are two genres of writing that are often confused for one another. Both deal with real people and events, but there are some key differences between the two. A memoir is a personal account of someone’s life, told from their own perspective. Memoirs often focus on a particular event or time period, and the events are usually presented in chronological order. A biography, on the other hand, is an objective account of someone’s life, told by a third-party author. Biographies often include research and interviews with people who knew the subject well. They also tend to be more comprehensive in scope, covering the subject’s entire life. As a result, biographies tend to be more objective than memoirs.


The memoir genre is often seen as more personal and intimate than the biography, which may be why it has become so popular in recent years. However, this is not to say that biographies are without value or importance—quite the contrary. A well-done biography can provide readers with an in-depth look at the life of a public figure or historical figure, shedding light on events and moments that may have been previously unknown or misunderstood.

So what’s the difference between a memoir and a biography? Ultimately, it comes down to perspective: who is telling the story, and from what vantage point? Memoirs are typically written by individuals about their own lives, while biographies are written by authors who have had access to interviews with significant people in the subject’s life as well as other research materials.

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