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Difference between MAPI and SMTP

Difference between MAPI and SMTP

MAPI and SMTP are both protocols used for email communication, but they serve different purposes. MAPI is used to exchange messages between applications within a company, while SMTP is used to send messages from one company to another. In most cases, MAPI is the preferred protocol for Exchange Server communications. Understanding the difference between these two protocols can help you make the most of your email communications.

What is MAPI?

MAPI is a Messaging Application Programming Interface that is used by email clients to allow email exchange between users. MAPI allows for different types of clients to connect to each other, as well as provides a means for email data to be transferred between them.

  • MAPI can be used with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, and other email clients that support MAPI. MAPI is also used by developers to create custom applications that use email functionality.
  • MAPI is a key component of the Microsoft Exchange server and is what allows Microsoft Outlook to connect to an Exchange server. MAPI has been around since the early days of Microsoft Exchange and is a key part of how the Exchange server works.
  • MAPI is constantly being updated by Microsoft to add new features and support new clients. MAPI is an essential part of the Microsoft Exchange server and is what makes it possible for Outlook to connect to an Exchange server.

What is SMTP?

  • SMTP is the protocol that’s used to send emails. It’s a set of rules that govern how email should be formatted and transmitted. SMTP is responsible for ensuring that messages are delivered from the sender’s server to the recipient’s server.
  • It does this by routing messages through a series of intermediate servers, each of which checks to see if it can deliver the message to the next server in the chain. If a message can’t be delivered, SMTP will return an error response to the sender.
  • SMTP is a reliable protocol, but it’s not perfect. In particular, it doesn’t do a good job of handling large attachments or delivering messages to addresses that are no longer active. For these reasons, some mail providers have begun to support alternatives to SMTP, such as IMAP and POP3.

Difference between MAPI and SMTP

MAPI and SMTP are two protocols used for email communication. MAPI is the Microsoft proprietary protocol while SMTP is the standard protocol. MAPI is used for communication between Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server while SMTP is used to send emails between different email servers.

  • MAPI can be used to send messages, calendars, files, etc while SMTP can only be used to send text-based messages. MAPI uses RPC while SMTP uses TCP. MAPI is faster than SMTP but it requires Outlook to be installed while SMTP does not require any additional software.
  • MAPI is less reliable than SMTP as it is dependent on Microsoft Outlook while SMTP is not dependent on any email client. MAPI is more complex than SMTP and requires more setup.
  • MAPI is not supported by all mail servers while SMTP is supported by all mail servers. MAPI can be used over the internet but it is not recommended as it is not as secure as SMTP. SMTP should be used for sending emails over the internet. MAPI can be used over a LAN but SMTP cannot be used over a LAN.


MAPI and SMTP are both protocols used for email transmission, but they differ in their function. MAPI is a Microsoft protocol that allows applications to send and receive messages with an email server. SMTP is the standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol that is used to send emails between servers.

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