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Difference between Mandarin and Tangerine

Difference between Mandarin and Tangerine

There is a big difference between Mandarin and Tangerine. Mandarin is a large, professional city in China. Tangerine, on the other hand, is a small town in Florida known for its citrus fruit. Although they share some similarities, like their name and being oranges, the two places are very different.

What is Mandarin?

Mandarin fruit is a type of citrus fruit that is typically oval or spherical in shape. Mandarin oranges are smaller and less acidic than other types of oranges, and they have a thin, easy-to-peel skin. Mandarin fruit is believed to have originated in China, and it is still an important part of Chinese cuisine today.

Mandarin oranges are often used in sweet and savory dishes alike, and their juice is a popular ingredient in cocktails and other beverages. Mandarin fruit is also a popular choice for snacks or dessert, as the sweetness of the flesh pairs well with the tartness of the skin. Whether you enjoy them peeled, segmented, or whole, Mandarin oranges are a delicious and refreshing treat.

What is Tangerine?

Tangerine is a variety of orange that is typically smaller and more tart than other oranges. The fruit is named after the city of Tanger in Morocco, where it was first cultivated. Tangerines are believed to be a cross between mandarins and pomelos, and they were first introduced to Europe in the 18th century. Today, tangerines are grown in warm climates around the world, and they are a popular ingredient in recipes ranging from marmalade to cocktails. Tangerines are also a good source of vitamins A and C, and they contain antioxidants that may help to protect against chronic diseases.

Difference between Mandarin and Tangerine

Mandarin and Tangerine are two citrus fruits that are often confused with one another. Both Mandarin and Tangerine are small and round, with a thin skin that is easy to peel.

  • Mandarin oranges are typically slightly flattened at the ends, while tangerines are more spherical. Mandarin oranges also have a deep orange color, while tangerines range in color from pale orange to deep red.
  • The main difference between Mandarin and Tangerine is the flavor. Mandarin oranges are sweeter and less acidic than tangerines. Tangerines also have a strong aroma, while Mandarin oranges have a more subtle scent. When choosing between Mandarin and Tangerine, it is important to consider what you will be using them for.
  • If you’re looking for a sweet, juicy fruit to snack on, Mandarin oranges are a great choice. If you’re looking for something to use in a recipe that calls for citrus juice, you may want to choose tangerines.


Mandarin oranges and tangerines are two different types of citrus fruits. While they share some similarities, there are a few key differences between these two fruits. Let’s take a closer look at the Mandarin orange to see what makes it unique. The Mandarin orange is smaller than the tangerine and has a smoother skin. It also has less seeds than the tangerine. The taste of the Mandarin orange is sweeter and more tart than the tangerine.

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