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Difference between Luck and Destiny

Difference between Luck and Destiny

Luck vs. Destiny

What is difference between Luck and Destiny? In modern usage, the terms luck and destiny are used interchangeably. In a casual conversation, there is no big difference. On the contrary, people who have accepted New Age thinking would stir up a stir since common usage does not match their personal concept of words. These concepts can be as vague as “personal star” or “guardian force”, however, and therefore, are not useful definitions for the general public. Below this post is all about the difference between Luck and Destiny.

Difference between Luck and Destiny

We must recognize that the study of luck and destiny are esoteric. One must delve deeply into the collective spiritual history of humanity while simultaneously spinning very thinly on the linguistic side.

General Definition

Luck- The predetermined course of your life that will occur by or in spite of your actions

Destination-A group of predetermined events within your life in which you take an active part in shaping.

Luck and destiny in History

Luck- It is represented by three sisters or Moiras in Greek Mythology. Cloto turns the thread of your life, Lachesis measures its length, and Atropos cuts it when you die. We see variations of these supernatural sisters in Roman and Norse mythology as well. Luck was seen as something dictated supernaturally and beyond the control of mortals.

Destiny-It can be seen in words like Calvinistic predestination and American Manifest Destiny. It implies a predetermined result by a group of events that once put into action, inexorably advance. With this concept, humans have some opportunity in events, but only to start the process.

Wheel of fortune

Much of the Christian period was dominated by the concept of the wheel of fortune to which man has been linked throughout his life. Sometimes, the wheel takes it up while at other times the wheel takes it down.

Luck- See the wheel in a pessimistic way. Either up or down, there is nothing the individual can do about it. When he approaches death he sees it in a fatalistic way, with apathetic fear.

Fate – sees the rotation of the wheel as an opportunity. A believer in destiny will try to influence his place in the next round of the wheel through his education and actions; however he will not hesitate in the veracity of the wheel if he remains oppressed.


  1. Fate and destiny refer to the future and the fortune of man.
  2. Luck is seen as a divine plan, while destiny has the power to be influenced by man’s actions.
  3. Luck comes from the three sisters of Greek mythology who predetermined the lives of all men while fate is regarded as more humanistic concept such as predestination.
  4. Luck is often pessimistic or fatalistic about man’s fortune while fate is more optimistic and willing to take and give an opportunity to improve.

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