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Difference between Location and Place

Difference between Location and Place

When considering the terms “location” and “place,” it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Location is a general term that refers to any point on or near the surface of the Earth. Place, on the other hand, has a more specific definition; it refers to an area with defined boundaries and a specific purpose. For example, your city may be your location, while Central Park is a place within that city. Understanding the distinction between these two terms is important for spatial analysis and other geographic endeavors.

What is Location?

Location is the process of determining the place where something is situated. It can be absolute, like a street address, or relative, like a distance from a landmark. Location is often used to describe the position of things in space, but it can also be used to describe the place where something happened in time, such as “the location of the Battle of Gettysburg.” Location is an important concept in many fields, from geography to physics to psychology.

In business, location is often a key factor in decision-making, as businesses must choose locations that are convenient for customers and staff. Location can also be a matter of security, as sensitive facilities must be well-protected from prying eyes. Whether you’re trying to find your way around town or trying to understand the behavior of subatomic particles, understanding location is essential.

What is Place?

Place is a term that can have different meanings depending on who you ask. For some people, Place is simply a physical location, such as a specific country, city, or neighborhood. For others, Place is more than just a physical space – it also includes the people who inhabit that space and the shared history and culture that bind them together. In many ways, Place is about a sense of belonging – feeling like you are part of something larger than yourself.

For some people, Place is where they feel most comfortable and safe. For others, Place is where they can be their true selves without judgement or fear. Ultimately, Place is what you make of it – it can be whatever you need it to be. Whether you’re looking for a sense of community or a place to call home, there’s a Place out there for everyone.

Difference between Location and Place

Location is a position or site. Location is absolute and objective. It does not change. All locations have a unique set of coordinates that identify its position on the surface of the Earth. In contrast, place is more Subjective. It is relative and dependent on an individual’s experiences, culture, and perception. A place can be real or imaginary. It can be physical or mental. Place also changes over time.

However, all places have a Location. For example, the Location of my childhood home is objective and unchanging. But, the Place that my childhood home occupies in my memory is subjective and dependent on my personal experiences. Over time, as my memories of childhood fade, the Place that my childhood home occupies in my memory will also change.


The difference between location and place is an important distinction to make when it comes to understanding how customers interact with your business. By understanding the difference, you can create a customer experience that is more in line with what they are looking for.

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